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Candi lay bent over table unable to move

Candi lay bent over table unable to move. She felt abused and revolted but at the same time sexually gratified.<BR /><BR />Dennis scooped up the documents and stuffed them back into the valise.<BR /><BR />"We will undoubtedly have to discuss how these documents came into being sometime soon Miss Pops and you should be prepared to offer yourself to me as and when I find the need. We wouldn't want Goldwing to find out that you are employed under false pretences now would we?" he callously snickered.<BR /><BR />Dennis left Candi sprawled over the table and departed. It took Candi quite a while to recover from the ordeal but eventually, she was able to pull up her pantyhose and knickers and pull down her skirt; they were semen stained and she couldn't wait to take them off.<BR /><BR />She kicked off her high heels and stumbled up the stairs, her bowels stung and her legs ached but she couldn’t deny that she had enjoyed it. She stripped off her clothes and washed her thighs and buttocks and then douched away the residue inside her anus.

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Now she knew where she recognised the scent of his aftershave from

Now she knew where she recognised the scent of his aftershave from, and she certainly recognised the icy tone of his voice from the pool.<BR /><BR />"You are employed by Goldwing Airlines under false circumstances."<BR /><BR />"We need to discuss this breach of trust and propriety."<BR /><BR />"But first I'm going to fuck you."<BR /><BR />Before Candi could react Dennis Caputo stepped behind her, kicked her heels apart and used his considerable weight to press her down on the table. Candi scrambled, kicked and wriggled.<BR /><BR />Dennis laughed.<BR /><BR />"I love it when you fight. This is just like in the pool. That was so much fun, watching you from the sidelines with Marjorie Deakin and then slipping into the pool as soon as she turned out the lights and ducked outside for a smoke. I'd even purloined the moisturiser from the change room so I had some lubricant.

"<BR /><BR />"Remember this?" he waved the tube of moisturiser under Candi's nose.<BR /><BR />"Now. Last time I stopped you struggling by dunking you but as I have no water we will have to use traditional methods."</p><P>Candi thought about it only briefly and decided the best way to get back at Steve for being unfaithful to her was to be unfaithful to him.</p><P>“You won’t have to force me Mister Caputo; you have discovered my secret so I suppose that makes me ripe for blackmail, you can take what you like,” Candi smiled at him.<BR /><BR />“But I prefer it when you put up a fight Miss Pops, and you have been naughty so I think you deserve a spanking,” Dennis grinned.</p><P>“So you want me to struggle?  Well sure Dennis; I can roleplay that for you,” Candi smiled seductively.</p><P>“You are a naughty girl,” Dennis grinned back at her.</p><P>Candi wriggled her buttocks in a phony attempt at escape.</p><P>Dennis lifted her skirt and Candi struggled harder and then Dennis bought his palm down hard on her buttocks.

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Chapter Eight -- Caputo Kaput

<STRONG>Chapter Eight -- Caputo Kaput</STRONG><BR /><BR />Candi was heartbroken. She lay in bed Saturday morning and refused to answer phone calls from Michelle or John despite their insistent calling. She eventually left the receiver off the hook.<BR /><BR />She didn't get up until after twelve noon and when she saw herself in the mirror she cringed.<BR /><BR />"Fuck them! Looking good is probably the best revenge!"<BR /><BR />Candi painstakingly applied makeup and slipped into the same red leather mini-skirt, white satin blouse, tan pantyhose, red satin knickers and matching bra that she had worn when she had met John at his warehouse the second time.

She brushed her hair, accessorised and applied perfume.<BR /><BR />"Perfect," she smiled in the mirror.<BR /><BR />Her doorbell rang and she slipped into her red high heels and clattered downstairs expecting Michelle or John to be there because she had refused to answer their calls. She was ready to unload her fury on both or either of them.<BR /><BR />"Fuck them! I hope they feel guilty as hell!" she wheezed as she descended the staircase.<BR /><BR />Candi flung open the door and was very surprised to see Dennis Caputo standing there dressed in a business suit holding his hat.<BR /><BR />"Oh! Mister Caputo; it's you?" Candi's surprise registered on her face.

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After Anna had cleaned up Anton and me

After Anna had cleaned up Anton and me, we joined the others on the sofa. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next but the look in Anna’s eyes told me that there was certainly more to come. She finished cleaning the leather chair, being sure to lick every last drop of Anton's and my cum, when she finally beckoned to Rick to come and join her. </p><P>Rick stood to attention, with his cock pointing the same, and was over with Anna in a matter of seconds. </p><P>“No messing about, Rick; you’re going to fuck me in the ass,” demanded Anna. </p><P>Rick bent her over the leather chair and started to guide his cock into his wife while us three guests watched. </p><P>Anna was looking at us as she began to be filled by Rick’s cock; it was clear that she was in ecstasy but also excited that she was looking at us with such interest. 

</p><P>“Anton and Dave, start to pleasure Gloria with your tongues until your dicks become useful again,” demanded Anna as Rick now started to slowly fuck her ass with deep slow thrusts. We could all see that he was able to put the entire cock into Anna’s fit, beautiful ass. </p><P>We laid Gloria on the sofa and started to caress her. I focused on her breasts while Anton focused on her pussy. I held one breast in one hand while caressing the nipple with my tongue. I looked down to Anton and saw that he had Gloria’s knees spread apart and was busily tonguing and kissing all around her pussy. </p><P>Gloria had my head in one hand and was holding Anton by the hair as he worked her closer to orgasm. </p><P>“I see your cocks are hard again,” panted Anna from her chair as she stood up and approached us, dragging Rick behind her by his cock. 

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We had driven about an hour which was about fifty

We had driven about an hour which was about fifty miles from Bozeman. At the time, I figured we would reach Bozeman by 4:30 or 5:00 pm.</p><P>Candice must have noticed me looking, because she started running her hand on my thigh as she scooted closer to me. I put an arm around her and began slowly running my fingers over her breast and nipple through her dress. The harder her nipple got, the closer her hand moved to my crotch. Eventually, she began unbuckling my belt, but it was awkward and I had to stop her so we wouldn't wreck.</p><P>All of a sudden I heard a horn honk that took my mind away from what we were doing and I realized I was driving like twenty miles an hour while swerving a bit with a couple of cars behind us whose drivers were obviously upset with the way I was driving.

If there were a cop behind us, I would have been stopped and been forced to take a sobriety test. Well that day, the only thing I was drunk on was my lust for my wife.</p><P>I decided to pull over into a rest area that is used for fishing access to park the car. No sooner did I turn off the car, and my wife and I were ravaging each other. We had not been able to just stop what we were doing to have unscheduled make-out sessions in almost eight years. Not since before the first of our three children was born. </p><P>We had been driving and in and out of the car as we looked at some sites and shopped some stores since we left the Inn around 7 am that day.

I was still married to my first wife

I was still married to my first wife, Candice, when we went on a trip to Bozeman, Montana. We had been married eight years, and for the last four years or so, I had been trying to get her to agree to let me watch her get fucked by another guy. There were a few times she agreed to, and I thought it would happen. However, it was not until our trip to Montana that I knew it would happen. </p><P>Now my wife did come close to taking the leap a few times, but never was the time so right as it was on that trip we took to Montana in the summer of '82. Candice was always making excuses as to why the time was not right. She would say things like, “The guy was not right,”  “I wasn't horny enough,” etc. etc. etc.</p><P>She always emphasized the words "maybe” and “if”.

All the while, she never followed through when things were right. So the day we pulled off onto the rest area, I knew the time was right, and she seemed more willing than ever before to follow through with her promise. This is my recollection of that day.</p><P>It was 1980 and we were both in our mid-twenties at that time. I'm not sure how long I have had fantasies of watching someone I love getting fucked. Before I married Candice, my desires would be to share a girlfriend with a buddy, or just sit back jacking off while watching a girlfriend getting fucked. Well, it had yet to happen because the timing was never right.  Oh, I talked about it with girlfriends, and my wife, Candice.

I guess either I didn't push hard enough, or my delivery left a lot to be desired.</p><P>We were alone without the kids because her parents had planned to take them to Europe with them. So we took advantage of the freedom to visit her friend in Montana and do some sightseeing. We finally had a chance to have some time away together, away from everyone and all our responsibilities. </p><P>We lived in California, and whenever we went to Montana we made it a habit to drive through Yellowstone Park. That year, we spent two days at the Old Faithful Inn lodge as we checked out most of the sites. That day began with us checking out of our room early in the morning about 7:00.

We figured we could check out a few more sites as we drove out of the park, and my wife wanted to spend some time shopping in West Yellowstone. </p><P>After leaving the park we ended up spending a good six hours or more in West Yellowstone. We checked out all the shops, purchased some souvenirs for the kids and got a bite to eat. Around 2:00 or 2:30 we set out on the last ninety miles of the trip. I remember our A/C was on the fritz but figured we could sweat it out till we got to Bozeman, to have a mechanic check it out. </p><P>It was a lot warmer than normal that year, so without the A/C, we were driving through the Gallatin Canyon with all four windows open. We were hot and sweaty, but as I looked at my wife with the wind blowing her hair, her sundress clinging to her still-curvy body, I was getting more and more excited with every mile we drove.